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When you want to improve your yard’s drainage abilities, our team can offer many solutions to you. Exterior French drain installation is a time-tested and effective solution. It is also cost-effective and relatively efficient to have installed. In many circumstances, incorrectly designed downspout drains cause inadequate yard drainage. T-Squared downspout drain experts can fix this problem for you easily and quickly. If your yard doesn’t include a storm drain system, this could also lead to issues in some circumstances.

Yard Drainage
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French Drains

Frequently, our professional French drain design and construction services can solve yard drainage issues. French drains are an incredibly effective way of redirecting water on your property. Generally, we are determining an area on your property collecting water and planning to redisperse it to a lower exit point. Our exterior French drain experts have extensive experience working in clients’ yards. We know how to make the piece as effective as possible while looking fantastic. If you’d like to find out whether or not this is the solution for your yard drainage issues, call us today.

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Downspout Drain Systems

Whether you’re dealing with a soggy yard or water seeping into your basement, proper drainage is crucial to protect your home. In this article, we delve deep into the nitty-gritty of downspouts, yard drainage, and how you can effectively handle water-related problems.

Your downspouts is a pipe that carries rainwater from the roof guttering system to a drain or the ground. It plays a pivotal role in preventing leaks and maintaining the structural integrity of your home. But, if your downspouts are not directing water to the right areas, it could lead to various problems. Downspouts are designed to help divert rainwater away from your home’s foundation. They are installed at the corners of your home and connected to the gutters that go around the edge of your roof.

Common Downspout Problems

Clogged downspouts: This can cause rainwater to overflow and get into your home.

Incorrect downspout placement: If not located at the right spot, rainwater may not be directed away from your home.

Improper downspout extension: Without an extension, water can pool around your home’s foundation.

Downspout Drainage Solutions

Professional Downspout Design and Installation

At T-Squared, we provide expert downspout design and installation services. With our team of professionals we ensure that the water is directed to areas without risk to your property.

    Step 1: Research and choose the right location for the downspout

    Step 2: Connect the downspout to the gutter

    Step 3: Secure the downspout to the side of the house

    Step 4: Attach an extension to direct the water away from the house

We offer efficient and cost-effective downspout solutions tailored to your needs.

Natural Yard Drainage Solutions

There are options available for yard drainage systems that do not include man-constructed building materials, such as those found in French drains or downspout drains. Landscaped creek beds or runoff channels are trendy for those who do not want plastic pipes installed on their property. This process involves mending the existing soil on your property in such a way that provides a clear path for water to flow. The process is affordable and relatively inexpensive when performed by qualified professionals such as the ones found within our team.

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