Hardscaping Services
for Greenville SC areas.

Hardscape is the term used to describe solid, complex elements that tend to remain the same for many years. Projects usually include landscape design elements such as walkways, retaining walls, rocks, pavers, driveways, arbors, gates, outdoor kitchens, decks, water features, and more. Hardscaping is more than simple landscaping because it involves construction. Hardscape gives structure and form to the landscape, which is why it is typically the firm thing completed in a landscape design project. Softscape is then filled around the hardscape to create a beautiful balance of soft and hard.

While the hardscape will most likely cost more than the soft landscaping, the two are equally important because the landscape would look strange and incomplete without one. All the landscaping covers the upper level of the soil to create the ideal outdoor environment for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy.

The cost of hardscape materials can vary significantly depending on whether or not you choose synthetic or natural materials (think synthetic pavers vs. natural stone). If you have a hard time envisioning just how it will all work together in harmony, fret not; at T-Squared Landscapes, our Designer simulates what your landscape will look like with both soft and hardscape. Contact Us Today.

Outdoor Kitchen Greenville SC by T-Squared Landscaping
Hardscaping by T-Squared Patio

Some of our Hardscape projects.

* Most pictures have a blend of both Hardscaping and Softscaping.

Lighted Deck with Fencing
Hardscaping - Retaining Wall
Landscaping and Hardscaping in Greenville SC
Hardscaping Project by T-Squared Landscaping Greenville
Fire Pit area by T-Squared Landscaping
Hardscape Rock stairs
Stone Walkway

Fire Pit 
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Driveway Construction
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