Landscaping Services

Landscaping is a great way to automatically upgrade the look of your home and improve the health of the greenery growing there. We can work with you to plan out the perfect landscape idea with a layout that fits your style and get to work installing it. Ultimately, you’ll have the ideal lawn to match your home!

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What does landscaping do for my lawn or home?

It provides healthier air and water.
Having a functional landscape isn’t only about the looks – it’s also about making your property a better place in every aspect. For example, good landscapes can improve the air quality around your property and help keep the water filtered from excess pollutants!

Upgrades the value of your home.
Your home value could be important to you for many reasons – especially if you want to sell later. Gorgeous landscaping can drastically increase your home’s value by up to 20%!

Potential heating and cooling expense decrease, 
Many homeowners don’t realize that good landscaping can help with your heating and cooling bills! Properly placed trees, hedges, etc., can add shade in the summertime and help with insulation for heating. You’ll notice the difference when those bills come around.

T-Squared prides itself on making creative and unique landscapes for clients with various budgets. Some of the landscape types that we specialize in are:

Front Yard Softscaping
Bird Attracting Gardens

Backyard Softscaping
Tree Planting & Shrub Planting

Low-maintenance flower/plant Gardens
Native Planting Design
(Using mostly plants native to SC & NC)


Hardscaping Services

Design and Construct

Landscape Design Drawings Greenville SC

Landscaping Ideas, layouts, designs, and drawings.

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